You’re welcome to drop me a line and just say hi, or ask a question, or give me feedback on my work (or anything else!!). I generally don’t give out my phone number (or FB add) until we’ve chatted via email first, or been introduced by reference. It’s nothing personal, I just get a lot of requests for assistance and advice, and I do actually need to sleep sometimes!!

So, because I don’t believe in those contact form things (how annoying are they??), here’s my email address – click it and say hi!!

Send me an email – I don’t bite!!
Want to post me something? PO Box 1230, Huntingdale, Vic, 3166 Australia

And just in case you have a question I’ve already been asked before, here’s the mini FAQ!

TFP? Trade? Rates? Availability? How do you work exactly?
Fair question, I am an oddity in this space compared to your usual commercial photographer!! So, here are the one line answers:

  • TFP or Trade – If the idea/project is my own, I may offer TFP or paid to models depending on scale and budget. If you approach me to shoot one of your ideas, it will not be TFP unless the idea is so mind-boggle-ingly awesome I simply can’t refuse!! I no longer do commercial fashion shoots for TFP or trade, but if you are a starving new designer I’m sure we can work out a low rate to cover my costs!
  • Rates – I charge either an hourly rate, or a project flat rate, depending on the project. Generally speaking, most shoots are at least a few hours plus minimum editing time, so a shoot will generally start at the $200 mark and head north. But like I said earlier, I’m not a commercial photographer – but I do have costs to cover, photography is not a cheap sport to play!
  • Availability – My availability is known to be terrible!! I apologise for that up front, but if you need a shooter on a moments notice then I probably won’t be able to help you. I prefer at least 4 weeks notice, simply because I work during the day and my weekends are always booked solid with either shoots or other projects.
  • How do I work exactly? – well, I shoot the subjects and concepts that interest me, and I try to deliver images that a technically and artistically interesting and engaging to the viewer. There are so many shooters out there, and so many great images, that getting the viewer to stay engaged with the image for more than a few seconds is the real challenge. I like complex setups, and I try to avoid images that look like they could be done in Photoshop. Get a challenging concept right in the camera, and the viewer will be rewarded with something worth looking at!!

One of the more common questions I get lately goes something like this – “Hey Jeff, I hear you have a studio – I’d love to get in there sometime and shoot… *pause* it’s only a little project… *pause* that has no budget…”. I like to think I’m a great patron of the arts, and I do everything I can to support new and emerging artists! However, studios cost money to run, pure and simple, so I have to be very selective which shoots get the good discounts (or free time). That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask, you just need to be ready with a really strong answer to the question “what will the studio and I get out of it?”. If you can’t justify your project and make it worth my while, chances are I’m not going to be able to help you much! But I do encourage you to check out Lightdrop Studios where I am based, the rates are pretty amazing anyway, even for starving artists!!

Of course, even with studio and other pressures, my usual commitments still apply – I like helping people get their projects done, pure and simple. The only thing that has changed is that I have less time these days to actually do the shooting myself, and less money with studio and gear overheads. Even if I can’t assist directly, I can probably still help you find someone who can assist for the right price (or free) and at the right time to suit your project!!

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