Welcome to my current projects page!  Here you’ll find a list of projects I’m actively working on, along with concept notes and the various requirements I could use help with!! Comments and feedback welcome, and if you’d like to be involved, jump right in and let me know!!

MagSub x2

Concept: I plan to do at least 2 fashion magazine submissions, 5-7 page spread, one on location and one in the studio to start with.  Submission styles are likely to be along the lines of Ponystep Magazine, Helmet, Fallen, French Revue de Mode (although submission acceptance at any of these mags is unlikely!!)
Requires: 2 models (2 females or 1 male, 1 female)
Clothing designer – if you are new and want to be part of it, send an email and some images
Stylist, MUA/hair
Location: Studio and on location
Compensation: TFP for everyone (if sub gets accepted, win!!)
Timing: Studio can be any time, location will wait for spring 2011
Comments: If these 2 shoots work out well, I plan further magsub shoots, with a preference to feature very new and talented designers.  If you are interested, send me your details and we might be able to organise something (if not in these 2 shoots, maybe in future shoots)


Concept: I’ve been following the work of Zhang Jingna (http://zhangjingna.com) for a very long time, particularly her work with Larry Yeo (http://www.larryyeo.com).  I’m also a fan of beauty shoots that incorporate jewellery or some other twist (such as the Eniko shoot by Sebastian Faena – beauty and jewellery AND it’s a tableu!!).  I’d like to do more beauty shoots featuring amazing makeup artists, and I’m definitely keen to do a jewellery shoot of some sort.
Requires: Beauty models (and nude/implied models, but that would be specific projects)
Talented MUA’s who are keen to show off their amazing skillz
Amazing hair stylists
Location: Studio (ShutterClass Studios Oakleigh http://www.shutterclass.com/studios)
Compensation: TFP
Timing: Any time, waiting for the right people
Comments: This is a really broad one, send me your details and some sample images or your website and we’ll try and plan something in a bit more detail.

Look Twice Landscapes

Concept: Once the weather warms up, looking to do a fine art theme that will be landscape focused with a twist.  All location shooting around country victoria (and maybe a small number of city fringe images).
Requires: Female models, implied nude (ie no face, not identifiable)
Location: On location, rural Victoria and some city fringe
Compensation: Costs, depending on time required due to location distance
Timing: As the weather warms up
Comments: Victorian rural/country models welcome to apply, I will travel to your location.  Also open to having locations recommended to me, anything that makes an awesome landscape (particularly at sunrise/sunset) is a possibility!


Concept: I have a wet/construction area, and would like to (gently) throw various things at various models! This would include powders and paints (all non-toxic, like flour/cocoa/water/acrylics/etc) and is quite safe to participate in
Requires: Models who don’t mind mess (male and female)
Location: Studio (ShutterClass Studios Oakleigh http://www.shutterclass.com/studios)
Compensation: TFP
Timing: Immediate (although liquids may be delayed until spring/summer 2011 just for comfort)
Comments: The studio has a hot shower so there is no issue with clean-up after the shoot

Rainbow Dream

Concept: This is a body paint concept, involving rainbows.
Requires: Female model, full body painted nude (face will be painted also)
Body painter (not fine detail), Hair stylist
Location: Studio (ShutterClass Studios Oakleigh http://www.shutterclass.com/studios)
Compensation: Paid for model (amount depends on experience), costs for painter/hair
Timing: Immediate
Comments: I’ve had this idea in my head for years, it’s about time I actually got around to shooting it!

Splash Hop

Concept: Hip hop/street/contemporary dancers pulling moves (including some airborn) in a very shallow pool of water
Requires: Dynamic dancers, you need to cause a splash (literally!)
Location: Studio (ShutterClass Studios Oakleigh http://www.shutterclass.com/studios)
Compensation: TFP
Timing: Spring/summer 2011 (when playing in water won’t be so cold!)

Super Secret Project

Concept: Concept project to be shot at night, outside, primarily implied and full nudes.  Requires collaborators who are keen to try something that theoretically should look simply amazing, even though it will be uncomfortable and cold (but not wet, don’t worry, there won’t be any hanging around freezing in water or anything dangerous!!).  Locations will be private enough and the shoots will be short enough duration that there is little risk of being observed – all will be disclosed during pre-planning discussions (yes, we will have to meet to discuss the details of this one!)
Requires: Female models, full and implied nude (face/identification can be avoided if required)
Location: Various city and coastal locations
Compensation: Paid, depending on experience
Timing: Spring/Summer 2011 (this one is not for winter!)
Comments: I’ve been wanting to shoot this project for years, it’s one of those ideas that just won’t go away – so I better shoot it!!


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