“The term accessories has come to include a host of photographic gadgets of questionable value…”Ansel Adams

*** This info is now out of date, kept here for historical reasons – I’m no longer taking projects for the foreseeable future, sorry ***

Hi, I’m Jeff – thanks for taking the time to look around my site!!

(Before I get into the detail, you might also want to check out my creative resume, which covers filmmaking and other experience outside of photography!)

I’m a freelance non-commercial professional photographer based in Melbourne Australia… eh, what? I am a professional photographer both in client service approach and accreditation, I just choose to charge or not charge for my services on a project by project basis. Apparently this makes me somewhat different to the traditional professional photographer approach, we are working in a new industry dynamic where “commercial” and “professional” are terms often used interchangeably but are quite different concepts these days.

But I digress – My photography background originated in landscape and architecture film photography, but over the last few years has focused more on people. These days you can find me working on portraiture, fashion (and alt fashion), glamour, fine art (including nude), fetish and alternative, and some conceptual/experimental photography as I try to explore the capabilities of my gear and my own idea pool. And like the Ansel Adams quote at the top, I have a bit of a penchant for accessories!!

What does any of this actually mean for you, dear reader? Well, I have learnt a lot from the photographers I admire. So I want to give some of that knowledge and experience back to the others who are struggling through the same learning curve I did, the same way other photographers and models supported me while I was stumbling around!!

These days I’ve been providing services and support to models and photographers, particularly those trying to build their portfolios, or clean up a portfolio that is getting dated (or has shots that weren’t good to begin with!!). I help people get their projects off the ground, hook people up with different service providers, and get involved with actually shooting if people want me to!! I’ve also done my fair share of assisting other professional commercial photographers, something I do quite enjoy!

You may come across me running lighting and other camera tech workshops, or co-presenting modelling and model direction workshops (for photographers). Or skulking in an alley shooting street, or lying in a gutter shooting fashion – I like to get out amongst it (as long as the weather is nice, and there’s good coffee nearby!!)

** Professional photographers ** – I’ve been providing logistics services to help professional photographers branch out into educational workshops in their chosen field. If you’d like to learn more about how I can assist with workshop planning and execution as another revenue stream, just drop me a line (and great deals available for AIPP and ACMP members). Currently branching out into workshop and instructional video capture, drop me a line for more info.

If you are a talented photographer, model, MUA, whatever, and want to enlist some help with the ideas in your head and don’t want to pay much (or anything) for it, drop me a line. Sometimes I can help directly, sometimes I’ll point you towards people I know can help, and sometimes I won’t be able to do much!! But it doesn’t hurt to ask!!

(and in case you need to ask, and you should, I can give you references if required.  I have a bunch of strict rules on working with people, particularly new models – the world of photography can be a bit unsavoury unfortunately, but some of us actually have standards and enforce them.)

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